Payment Options

Western Union Speedpay
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3 Easy Ways to Pay

Because your full payment always needs to be received by our office on or before the due date, we’re happy to provide you with several payment options to help you submit your payment quickly and easily. These convenient payment options are available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, allowing you the freedom to pay whenever or wherever you choose.


PAY ONLINE with your credit/debit card or ACH/electronic check. Simply have your account number and zip code handy. Your payment will be processed right away and credited to your account within the same business day. No stamps, no hassles, no late payments. Click here to pay online now.



GO TO a MoneyGram location and use code 2711 to send a MoneyGram Express Payment to Prime Acceptance Corp. All you will need is your name, address, and account number. MoneyGram locations are available at most 7-11 convenience stores and Walmart stores. Click here to find a MoneyGram location near you.


Pay Near Me

GO To a PayNearMe location and use your PayNearMe card or barcode to send your payment to Prime Acceptance Corp. All you will need is your account number, zip code, and email or phone number where your barcode can be sent to you. If you have this information available, click here to obtain your PayNearMe barcode. Click here to look up your account number. PayNearMe locations are at all 7-11 convenience stores, Family Dollar stores, and Ace Cash Express Stores.  Click here if you would like to look up a location.


CALL US, (801) 312-0700, and select option 1 to use your credit/debit card or your routing and bank account information for ACH/electronic check payment through our automated system.

Note: You will need your account number to utilize these payment options. To obtain your account number you may reference your monthly billing statement or click here to quickly look it up.